NAB Complete Bible – Steven Johnston

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The New American Bible is the most widely used Catholic Bible version in the United States today. The Weekday and Sunday Mass readings are taken from the NAB version, and the U.S. Bishops have endorsed it for use in church and school religious-education programs across the country.

With over 80 hours of narration and synchronized on-screen graphics and  text, the NAB New & Old Testaments on MP3 features Emmy Award-winning narrator Stephen Johnson. His crystal clear mellow baritone voice provides distinct pronunciation, and makes the Scriptures come alive in an easy-to-understand style.


  • Both Old Testament and New Testament
  • Complete Catholic Bible, New American Bible version
  • Voice only, word for word narration
  • U.S. Bishops have endorsed it for use in the Catholic Church
  • 21 Zip files


NAB Complete Bible Demo

Stephen Johnston has narrated and sold more translations of the Bible than any other person in history. He graduated from college with a BA in Radio and Television, and planned to become a news announcer. In 1976 he was approached about narrating the New Testament on cassette.

He has international reputation as a narrator; receiving many awards including an Emmy, the New York Film Critics Award, the National Silver Microphone Award and the Army Commendation Award.